Vitamin Essence

It rebalances the hair’s condition and stimulates root metabolism with the action of the exclusive Energy Complex which helps to prevent hair loss, combats hair follicle atrophy and activates hair growth. It makes the hair stronger and more resistant. It contains Serenoa Repens, a special active which helps to inhibit the enzyme 5‐Alfa Reductase, responsible for hair loss in men. Menthol gives an instant refreshing action.

Recommended for use for those with hair loss or hair thing problems.  Most effective if used immediately after herbal hair treatment. Afer shampoo or treatment, massage using circular movements. Do not rinse.

To be used immediately each time after herbal hair treatment to activate the scalp and encourage hair and scalp rejuvenation.


Suitable for all hair types/conditions especially those with hair loss and hair thinning problems.