Hair Tonic

A mild gentle scalp lotion formulated with herbal nutrients essential to deal with itchy oily scalp. It encourages natural hair growth. It provides nutrients to the scalp, helps strengthen the immune system.

Recommended for use to prevents bacterial growth, relieves itching, promotes healing, aids in blood circulation, helps maintain hormonal balance, cellular regeneration, controls sebaceous excretion, follicular health, soothing and prevents dandruff.
Apply to clean scalp twice a day. Use enough to cover the entire scalp. Gently massage into hair and scalp in a circular motion from hairline to the crown with finger tips. Do not rinse.

Can be used on a daily basis. Can be used in conjunction with Bee Choo Origin’s Herbal Hair Tonic.

All hair types especially those that have oily scalps and oil blocked hair follicles.